White Smoke Elimination

White Smoke Elimination

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It is common to adopt wet limestone desulfurization and denitrification process in iron and steel industry, coal burning power plant, chemical industry and other relative industries. The flue gas after desulfurization and denitrification carries a large amount of water vapor. If it discharges directly by the chimney, not only causing a waste of water, but also resulting the ‘white smoke plume’, which is a visual air pollution and will lead to the hazy weather. The white smoke elimination is a way to remove the white smoke plume by cooling off and extracting the water from the flue gas and collecting the heat to reuse, so that the exhaust gas will meet the environmental standard of emission.

Booster Fan

The condensation and reheat technology is one of the most widely used technology for white smoke elimination. The content of the water vapor in the flue gas is reduced by cooling off the flue gas, and then the temperature of the flue gas is rising after heat exchange device, so as to achieve the purpose of white smoke elimination. The booster fan always used with the heat exchange device. Centrifugal fan is very common type; axial fan can also be used.


Successful Cases

London fan products are high quality, good performance, high efficiency and strong stability, which are widely used in many industries. On the white smoke elimination project, our company actively participates in Tangshan Medium Thick Plate project, Shaan Steel Group Longsteel Company project, Dazhou Iron & Steel project, Xingyuan iron & steel project and so on. Our fans perform well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Fan Used in One Iron & Steel Company White Smoke Elimination Project

  • Volume: 1100000m³/h
  • Total Pressure: 2200 Pa
  • Fan type: BCDA3040IV-1250KW-10P
  • Operating temperature: 20-40°C
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    Fan Used in One Iron & Steel Company White Smoke Elimination Project

  • Volume: 350000m³/h
  • Static Pressure: 2200 Pa
  • Fan type: BCSA807IV- 400KW/6P
  • Operating temperature: 70-95°C
  • Specification of typical cases

    Axial Fan Used in One Iron & Steel Company White Smoke Elimination Project

  • Volume: 80000m³/h
  • Static Pressure: 890 Pa
  • Fan type: ADT1260-30KW/4P
  • Operating temperature: 20-40°C
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