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VOC Treatment

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VOC is usually used as a solvent in petrochemical, printing, electronics, medicine and other industries and it easily volatilizes into the atmosphere. In order to ensure the high efficiency of exhaust gas purification and ensure that the emissions meet the national emission standards VOC treatment is necessary before discharge. Fans play an important role in VOC treatment process, including adsorption fan, desorption fan, RTO fan, RCO fan and so on.

Adsorption Fan

The exhaust gas goes into the adsorption & desorption tower after pretreatment. The harmful components are absorbed by the activated carbon in the tower, and then discharged to the outdoor by the adsorption fan.


Desorption Fan

When the adsorption bed is full, the desorption air valve and the adsorption air valve are switched, and the desorption fan starts working.


Working with the regenerative thermal oxidizer. Centrifugal fan is always used. The main functions include induct the preheated exhaust gas into the re-generator and also induct the residual organic waste gas which was extracted from the reverse air duct into the combustion chamber for incineration.



Working with the regenerative catalytic oxidizer. Centrifugal fan is always used. The main functions include induct the exhaust gas into the rotary valve of the equipment, through which the inlet gas and outlet gas are completely separated.

Successful Cases

London Fan actively engaged in the field of environmental protection and participated in many VOC treatment projects, including CNOOC Qingdao project, Hempel China project, TEDA project, Dalian Xinde project, Changchun New Area Te Tao Industrial Park project, and so on. The fans provide by our company performs well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

RCO Fan in One Project

  • Volume: 18438 m³/h
  • Static Pressure: 3500 Pa
  • Fan Type:ZB22IIIR4P-30KW-2P
  • c1

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