Underground Utility Tunnel

Underground Utility Tunnel

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Underground Utility Tunnel is a comprehensive underground tunnel in urban city, that is, a tunnel space is built in a city underground, which integrates all kinds of engineering pipelines, such as electricity, communication, gas, heating, water supply and drainage into one body through unified planning, construction and management. It is an important infrastructure and lifeline to ensure the city operation. High temperature resistant fire rated smoke fans and jet inducting fans are often used type.

ADF Series High Temperature Resistant Fire Rated Smoke Fan

The impeller is made of cast aluminum hub and adjustable airfoil blade, which makes the fan high efficiency. The fan can work continuously 2 hours at 400℃. The ADF series fan is widely used in commercial areas, such as hospitals, hotels, schools and shopping malls.


LAR Series Jet Inducting Fan

The air is transferring by inducting to stir the air evenly, and clear the blind angle to improve the air partially. The jet inducting fan is always used in the garages, underground spaces and factories where the space is limited.

Successful Cases

Our fans are good performance by adopting advanced technology. They can widely used in underground utility tunnel, subway and tunnel and similar damp and dark environment. For example, the fan used in Huaqiao Road project and Xinxi area Kunlun project in Shantou East Coast New Town underground utility tunnel project performs well, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

High Temperature Resistant Fire Rated Smoke Fan Used in One Project

  • Volume:25600m³/h
  • Pressure:730pa
  • Fan Type:ADF800-11KW/4P
  • Special requirement:meets the requirement of China Compulsory Certification
  • c1

    Jet Inducting Fan Used in One Project

  • Volume:675m³/h
  • Power:125W
  • Fan Type:BLDA-3-Z
  • Special requirement:Explosion proof certificate
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