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The subway and tunnel are tens of meters under the ground surface, which cannot completely rely on natural ventilation. Therefore, it is necessary to install tunnel fans to deliver and regulate the air or exhaust the smoke and dust. Axial fan is the common use type.

ADT Series Long Housing Low Noise Axial Fan

Axial fan with adjustable blades is generally used to hang on the roof of the subway or tunnels because the concentration of dust in subway and tunnels can be operated automatically.


ADF Series High Temperature Resistant Fire Rated Smoke Fan

The impeller is made of cast aluminum hub and adjustable airfoil blade, which makes the fan high efficiency. The fan can work continuously 2 hours at 400℃. The ADF series fan is widely used in commercial areas, such as hospitals, hotels, schools and shopping malls.

SDS Series Fire Smoke Jet Fan

The fan is molding design based on the axial fan, which is generally hung on the top or at the sides of the tunnel. The numbers of the fan and the how many of them can be arranged side by side can be designed depends on the length of the tunnel and the size of the tunnel section. The SDS series fan is widely used in the longitudinal ventilation system of highway and railway tunnel.


DTF Series Fire Smoke Exhaust Fan

The fan consists of impeller, motor, casing, guide vane unit, support etc. The blade can be both rotary and stationary. The blade angel can be adjusted by pneumatic or electric control. High efficiency, low noise and good strength. The DTF series fan is widely used in metro, tunnel, electricity power plant, construction engineering projects and the place where need fire smoke emission.

CKS Series Centrifugal Type Fire Smoke Exhaust Cabinet Fan

Belt driven centrifugal fan with double inlet. Various of outlet directions are available. Floor mounted or over hanging installation are both fine. CKS series fan is widely used for fire smoke exhaust and kitchen smoke exhaust.


Car Park Ventilator

The housing material is environmental, fire prevention, waterproof, corrosive and rust free, which complies with the requirements of the fire safety rules.

Successful Cases

London Fan has participated in a number of important tunnel projects, such as University of Macau New Area Submarine Tunnel Project, which is located in Hengqin Island, Tianjin Metro Line 5 and Line 6 projects, Wuhan Fruit Lake Tunnel project, etc. We have provided a full range of tunnel fans with good performance, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

SDS Series Fire Smoke Jet Fan

  • Discharge Velocity:29.7m/s
  • Thrust:447N
  • Fan Type:ADF-SDS800-11Kw/4P
  • Special Requirement: complies with requirement of continuously 2 hours working at 400℃ in Zhuhai & Macau
  • c1

    Car Park Ventilator

  • Volume: 11950/5975 m³/h
  • Discharge Velocity:25/12.5 m/s
  • Thrust:100/25 N
  • Fan Type:JIS-100-400
  • Special Requirement: complies with requirement of fire safety rules in Zhuhai & Macau
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