Simulation of the Wind Tunnel

Simulation of the Wind Tunnel

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Wind tunnel is a kind of equipment that drives a controllable airflow by power equipment in a system designed according to certain requirements, so as to conduct aerodynamic experiments on the model. It is the basic equipment for aerodynamic experiments. Simulation wind tunnel experiment is widely used in aviation, building, bridge, automotive and many other fields. The fans are mainly included crosswind tunnel fan, automotive laboratory vehicle cooling fan, rotary drum wind tunnel fan, automotive laboratory tyre cooling fan, automotive laboratory exhaust emission fan, wind tunnel fan used for instrument calibration, wind tunnel fan used for popular science education.

Crosswind Tunnel Fan

It is mainly used in automotive simulation test. In order to achieving good effect of the simulation test, large volume axial fans with paralleled structure are always adopted.


Automotive Laboratory Vehicle Cooling Fan

It also called vehicle simulated experimental fan. The fan is using to provide some wind resistance (sometimes it maybe spraying water or snow) for vehicle simulation test. There is a strict restriction of the speed of the fan, which is same as the stimulation test speed by the control system. Axial simulation fan is the general type.

Rotary Drum Wind Tunnel Fan

The small centrifugal fan is generally used to cooling the motor when doing the stimulation test.


Automotive Laboratory Tyre Cooling Fan

The axial fan is generally used to cooling the tyres when doing the stimulation test.

Automotive Laboratory Exhaust Emission Fan

The small centrifugal fan is generally used for the pretreatment of automotive exhaust in the simulation test. The fan is with high temperature resistance as the common operating temperature is 250℃.


Wind Tunnel Fan Used for Instrument Calibration

It is mainly used for anemometer, wind speed sensor and gas flow calibration in the field of meteorology, metrology and industrial department. The fan is usually connected with pipes and the speed can be adjusted.

Wind Tunnel Fan Used for Popular Science Education

It is mainly used typhoon simulation at "Typhoon Experience" exhibition in science and technology museum. The audience can experience and feeling the different wind speed and get knowledge of the natural hazard.


Successful Cases

The simulation wind tunnel fan we developed is specially used in automotive simulation experiment, popular science experiment and instrument calibration. In the process of cooperation with China Automotive Technology and Research Center, MOTOROLA, AVL, FEV, Great Wall Motor and some other professional automotive test companies, our fans are praised and trusted by customers with good performance, high efficiency and accurate wind speed.

Specification of typical cases

Side Blowing Wind Tunnel Fan

  • Volume: 620000 m³/h
  • Total pressure: 1450 Pa
  • Fan Type: ADT-DTF-2800-1250-315kw/8P
  • Lowest wind speed: 30 m/s
  • Other requirement: Wind speed can be changed from 0 to 30 m/s by continuously variable transmission
  • c1

    Automotive Laboratory Vehicle Cooling Fan

  • Largest Volume: 30000m³/h
  • Largest Speed: 160km/h
  • Fan Type: ADT 900-15KW4P
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