Sewage & Sludge Treatment

Sewage & Sludge Treatment

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Sewage treatment is a process of removing the harmful substance which are not needed in the water exhausted from industry production and daily living by means of physical, chemical or biological. Sludge treatment is a process of concentration, regulation, dehydration, stability, drying or incineration for the sludge by harmless treatment.

Sewage Treatment Fan

It is used in the biological contact oxidation process. The fan Sewage treatment fan provides oxygen to the biological treatment system to promote the growth of microorganisms to degrade organic matters in the sewage. The centrifugal fans and centrifugal cabinet supply fan are always used.


Moisture Removal Fan

It helps to remove the moisture and reduce the humidity for the environment where sewage treatment system are adopted to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Sludge Drying Fan

During the process of sludge dewatering, the fan is used to provides hot air to the sludge tank and coordinates with the compressor to dry and dehydrate the sludge.


Successful Cases

London Fan is actively engaged in the field of environmental protection, and participated in a number of sewage and sludge treatment projects, including Fujian Huaiyin sludge project, Xiaoshan sludge project, Kunming sewage treatment plant project. The performance of our fan is good, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Fan Used in One Sludge Project

  • Volume: 40000m³/h
  • Pressure:4000 Pa
  • Fan type: ZB40-75Kw/4P
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