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Refrigeration & Purification

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The air conditioner and purification workshop are two vital parts of the industry, mainly include centrifugal fan with high pressure and large volume, unhoused centrifugal fan, cabinet supply fan for purification and Exhaust fan for purification. The fan used for air conditioner inducts the air outside to the air purifier, and then the clean air will discharge after purifying in filter screen or negative-ion generator. The fan system used in purification workshop is a system which installed air supply system and exhaust system with the enclosure space. The system can supply purified air in and blow off the exhausting gas.

Centrifugal Fan With High Pressure and Large Volume

Special designed centrifugal fan with high static pressure coefficient makes the fan high efficiency and low noise.


Unhoused Centrifugal Fan

Special designed aluminum airfoil blade with fan correction makes the fan speed can be easily adjusted to the direct driven speed, which avoids the traditional unhoused centrifugal fan works with frequency conversion or reducing frequency, which results in the voltage decrease and motor power increase.

Cabinet Supply Fan for Purification

The cabinet supply fan for purification with primary efficiency, medium efficiency and high efficiency, which was based on the unhoused centrifugal fan or high static pressure fan, can be provided on request.


Exhaust Fan for Purification

The exhaust fan for purification include circular duct fan, rectangular duct fan, axial fan, centrifugal fan and centrifugal cabinet fan.

Successful Cases

London Fan participated in many domestic large refrigeration and purification project, including Peking University International Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM, Hunan Xiangya Hospital, Tianjin Tiens Medical Group, Zhongxin Pharmaceutical, Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital, Renmin Hospital of Ruian, Sichuan Kanghong pharmaceutical,Shijiazhuang Shineway Pharmaceutical Group, Shandong EE-jiao, China National Heavy Duty Truck project, etc. The fans provide by our company performs well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Painting House Air Conditioning Fan

  • Volume:150000 m³/h
  • Pressure:1900 Pa
  • Fan Type:BCDA 542II -110Kw/4P
  • Special Requirement: Working with frequency conversion
  • c1

    Purification Cabinet Fan

  • Volume:6380 m³/h
  • Static Pressure:320pa
  • Fan Type:CK400/W/FCD400R-1.5KW/4P
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