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As there are too many people and equipment in the factory workshop, it can not ventilate only by nature. The fans are used for the waste heat, dirty air and harmful gases ventilation in the area that affect the health of workers, so that the plant can get enough fresh air and the environmental quality of the plant can be improved. Plant ventilation fans mainly include: sidewall fans, roof fans and fire rated exhaust fans, etc.

Sidewall Fans

It includes LWS series high sidewall supply fan and LWE series high sidewall exhaust fan. Square housing design for easy mounting on concrete, brick or light steel molded wall. The sidewall fans are widely used in workshop and civil and commercial building ventilation.


TC Series Centrifugal Roof Fan

The air and environmental quality can be improved effectively by installed unpowered roof fan in the workshop. Centrifugal roof exhaust fan, motor direct or belt drive. Easy to install.

Fire Rated Smoke Exhaust Fan

In order to discharge the smoke air in time and prevent the smoke diffusion, the building needs to be equipped with fire rated smoke exhaust fan. It is always using axial fan and centrifugal fan with high temperature resistant and flame proof structure.


Successful Cases

London Fan participated in many plant ventilation projects, including FAW-TOYOTA project, Guangzhou Honda project, GAC TOYOTA project, AkzoNobel Changzhou Project, Nanjing Volkswagen automotive engine workshop project, Shandong Weifang engine workshop project, etc. The fans provide by our company perform well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

TC Centrifugal Roof Fan Used in Plant Ventilation

  • Volume: 9800m³/h
  • Pressure: 180 Pa
  • Fan Type: TC 575 D6-1.1
  • c1

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