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Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is an important part of national economy. It is a combination of traditional industry and modern industry. Pharmaceutical production technology is mainly divided into biological pharmaceutical and chemical pharmaceutical. Biological pharmaceutical is the fermentation, filtration and extraction of food and other organic raw materials by microorganisms. Chemical pharmaceutical production is a way to use chemical method making medicine of organic or inorganic substances. The main role of fan in pharmaceutical industry is ventilation, air purification and dealing with the waste water.

CK Series Built-in Motor Cabinet Fan

Cabinet fan with belt driven and double inlet. Including CK-FCD and CK-BCD. Size from 200-1000mm. Internal lining available on request.


CKP Series Plug Cabinet Fan

Plug cabinet fans, direct or belt driven. Including CK-FCD and CK-BCD. Size from 225 to 1600 mm. Compact, easy to be installed. Can be designed for high temp. 400℃.

CKPA Series Airfoil Blade Cabinet Fan

Airfoil blade cabinet fan, belt or direct driven type. Size from 315-1800 mm. Stainless steel fans can be provided on request.


ADT Long Housing Low Noise Axial Fan

Direct driven, long housing, adjustable blades, range from 250mm-2000mm. High efficiency, low noise, easy to install. It is widely used for transformer heat dissipation, load bank heat dissipation, air-cooling heat pump heat dissipation, etc.

Successful Cases

London Fan participates in many pharmaceutical industry projects, such as Pfizer, GSK, Tianjin Tiens Medical, Sichuan Kanghong Pharmaceutical, Zhongxin Pharmaceutical, Shandong EE-jiao, Shijiangzhuang Shineway Pharmaceutical, Shijiangzhuang CSPC Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Tasly Pharmaceutical, etc. The fans perform well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Cabinet Fan Used in One Pharmaceutical Company

  • Volume:18000 m³/h
  • Total Pressure:550 Pa
  • Fan Type: CK500C/W/FCD500T/5.5KW/4P
  • c1

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