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The process of modern paper industry includes pulping, modulation, paper manufacturing, processing, etc. Fans are mainly used with the paper machine in the paper manufacturing process to achieve dehydration, drying, moisture removal, dust removal, and improve the output of the paper machine and keep machine stable operating. Centrifugal fans are the mainly used type in paper industry with the characteristic of corrosion resistant structure, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, viscosity resistance, high efficiency, low noise and easy maintenance.

Ventilation Unit for Papermaking Workshop

In order to balance the air in the workshop, a large amount fresh air outdoor should be transferred to the workshop by the fan, to prevent the condensation and avoid cold air infiltration in winter. Centrifugal fans with large volume are put into use. The fans with high efficiency can be designed as requested.


Circulating Fan for Paper Machine Wet End

The circulating air produced by the impeller can both blow and suck. Special designed centrifugal fan with large air volume, high pressure and high temperature resistant structure makes the fan high efficiency and stable operating.

Exhaust Fan for Paper Machine Wet End

Large volume centrifugal fan has been used for the air supply and exhaust on the ceiling of the paper machine wet end, and the ceiling is preheated by conveying hot air to prevent condensation water droplet. The fan is always centrifugal fan with large volume, high pressure, flat blade and corrosion resistant structure design. Accessories can be designed as request.


Supply/Exhaust Fan for Paper Machine Drying Part

The fan is applied to bag area ventilation. The balance of the air pressure is adjusted by air quantity supply which can achieve the purpose of paper drying, stable. Single inlet centrifugal fan is always used with large volume and pressure, rear curved blade design, both direct or belt driven.

Supply Fan Used with Gas Steam Boiler

During the paper-making process, a large amount of steam is needed for paper drying and smooth. The fan is always used with the gas steam boiler to provide a certain air volume to the boiler. Large volume, high pressure centrifugal fan are normally used.


Successful Cases

London Fan provides all kinds of fans for domestic and foreign paper industry companies, including Vinda, Gold Hongye Paper Group, Jinhai Pulp & Paper, Zhonghua Paper, Sun Paper, Nine Dragons paper, etc. The fan performs well in each project which has won the praise of customers.

Specification of typical cases

Exhaust fan used in one Paper Company

  • Volume:34.7 m³/s
  • Static Pressure:5677 Pa
  • Material:SUS304
  • Fan Type: MB180III-D-315KW/4P
  • c1

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