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Our IOT system is a real-time data monitoring system and also an intelligent life-cycle management system, which depends on the edge computing equipment of sensors or fan equipment. developed 6 types of volume and pressure testing sensors, edge computing equipment and IOT system combined our own industrial fan laboratory and other colleges and universities, which can measure the air volume, static pressure, total pressure, density, temperature, vibration, power and other data of the fan at it actual working condition, so as to calculate the fan efficiency of total pressure, static pressure efficiency, and also evaluate the fan bearing life. In addition, it achieves the intelligent management of the fan equipment by the equipment malfunction warning, after-sales service and spare parts management and maintenance for customers functions, which helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Successful Cases

Operating Inspection Project for One Steel Company Dust Removal Fan

  • Volume:1100000m³/h
  • Total Pressure:6000 Pa
  • Operating Temperature:120℃
  • After the installation of the equipment and checking the pressure difference and air flow on site, the real-time monitoring data indicates there is energy saving space for the original fan equipment. And the annual power saving amount of 2.5 million Yuan can be achieved by replacing the impeller.
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