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Mineral Selection

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Mineral selection is a process of the separation of useless minerals and useless minerals between the raw materials, or the separation of a variety of useful minerals. In the process of mineral selection, there will be a lot of flue gas. The fan can be used with mineral selection equipment to help the dust removal and purification.

Cabinet Supply Fan for Purification

The cabinet supply fan for purification, which was based on the unhoused centrifugal fan or high static pressure fan, can be provided on request.


Successful Cases

London Fan have participated in many mineral selection projects, such as Xinjiang Zijin Mining project, Shandong Wanfu Mining project, Jincheng Dongda Mining project, Datong Majiliang Mining project, E’shele copper mining project, Shougang Macheng iron mining project, Shandong Baiyinhubu mining project, Yunnan Yiliang Maoping mining project, etc. The fans we provided perform well, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

High Pressure Centrifugal Fan Used in One Pneumatic Conveying Project

  • Volume:18.3 m³/s
  • Static Pressure:1800 pa
  • Fan Type:CK800C/W/BCD800T2-55KW/4P
  • c1

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