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Garbage power generation is a process in which the garbage is burning at high temperature directly or after the process of organics fermentation, anaerobism, dry desulfuration and other processes after the garbage is collected and classified, and after that the heat energy is converted into steam to drive the turbine to generate electricity. Fans play an important role in the process of garbage power generation, mainly including boost fan, combustion fan, side wall cooling fan, dust air exhaust fan.

Boost Fan

It is also called primary air fan. In order to maintain a certain negative pressure, prevent the odor from escaping, and supplement oxygen for combustion in the cabin, the fans are generally used in garbage bin. Centrifugal fans with large air volume and high pressure are common used.


Combustion Fan

It is also called secondary air fan. The fans are generally used in combustion chambers. The fan is used to abstract the high temperature air in the incineration room to the incinerator to supplement the air and improve the combustion efficiency and reduce the content of pollutants, such as CO. Centrifugal fans with large air volume and high pressure are common used.

Side Wall Cooling Fan

The fan is used to prevent the wall of the incinerator coking and improve the working environment by mixing the primary air. Centrifugal fans are common used.


Dust Air Exhaust Fan

The flue gas by incineration is discharged after cooling and purification by the fan. The fan is generally used with the purification system.

Successful Cases

London Fan participated in many domestic large garbage power projects, including Beijing Capital Group Suichuan project, Beijing Capital Group Nanyang project, CECEP Linyi project, Hunan Huiming project, Luohe project, and so on. The fans provide by our company performs well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Combustion Fan Used in One Garbage Power Project

  • Volume:29607Nm³/h
  • Pressure:4200Pa
  • Fan Type:ZB36IIID-55Kw-4P
  • c1

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