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Food and beverage industry is the most closely industry to people as no one can live without it. Compared with other industries, the food and beverage industry including food processing industry, food manufacturing industry, beverage manufacturing industry, etc., and the products range including sugar, meat, condiments, dairy products, health care products, snacks and so on. Fan used in the food and beverage industry is mainly for workshop ventilation to remove odor and for food production line. The material of the fan are normally required food grade stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Single Inlet Centrifugal Fan

Stainless steel material. Provide food grade stainless steel as requested. Corrosive and humid gases can be delivered. It is widely used in food production line. The fan is working with duct. Large air volume, high efficiency and smooth operation.


Stainless Steel Axial Fan

Stainless steel material. Provide food grade stainless steel as requested. It used for the partial ventilation for the food workshop. Corrosive and humid gases can be delivered. Easy installation, high efficiency.

Plug-in Type Industrial Centrifugal Fan

Airfoil or flat backward blade belt or direct driven type centrifugal fan. Designed for temperature up to 950℃. Stainless steel fans can be provided on request.


Centrifugal Cabinet Fan

Research on the characteristics of food industry, centrifugal cabinet fan is specially designed. The fan can be designed with humidification, temperature control, purification and other functions.

Successful Cases

London Fan participated in many food and beverage projects, such as Dongguan Hsu Fu Chi Sugar project, Master Kong Group (Tianjin) project, Guangyuan Wahaha production line project, Haidilao Restaurant project, LiMin seasoning production line project, etc. The fans provide by our company perform well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Centrifugal Cabinet Fan Used in Food & Beverage Industry

  • Volume: 20000 m³/h
  • Pressure: 600 Pa
  • Fan Type: CK560/W/FCD560R-7.5KW/4P
  • Special Requirement: Designed with humidification, temperature control function
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