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Dedusting is a technical measure to remove particulate matter from dusty gas to reduce its emissions to the atmosphere, including dry-type dedusting, wet-type dedusting, bag-type dedusting, electrostatic dedusting, etc. Dedusting fan is always working with dust collector, the efficiency of dedusting is improved by enhancing cross ventilation and using the long pressure short extraction dedusting system.

Dedusting Centrifugal Fan

Large volume centrifugal fan is always used type.and the fan is using as induced draft fan. The fan leads the air into the dedusting device to improve the efficiency of the equipment.


Successful Cases

London Fan actively engaged in the field of environmental protection and participated in many dedusting projects, including MkCAS Suzhou automative dedusting project, BAOTI workshop dedusting project, Wuhan electrostatic dedusting project and Tianjin BOMESC Welding smoke dedusting project, etc. The fans provide by our company performs well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

RCO Fan in One Project

  • Volume: 110000 m³/h
  • Static Pressure: 5150 Pa
  • Fan Type:XB140IIIRIP-250KW/4P
  • Drive Type: Coupling drive
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