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Chemical industry is the general term for the enterprises which are engaged in chemical industry production and development. There are too much pollutant because of the various types, complex processes and various products of the chemical industry, as well as the variety, quantity and high toxicity of the pollutants discharged during production. Fans are widely used in chemical industry, such as chemical raw materials conveying, reaction gas conveying, aeration, sewage treatment, ventilation and exhaust, dust removal and so on.

Exhaust Fan

The conveying medium is flue gas with chlorohydrin, which is high concentration of organic matter. Large volume and large pressure explosion centrifugal fan is adopted. 316 stainless steel casing, coupling driven.


Flue Gas Induced Draft Fan

The conveying medium is flue gas after alkaline washing. Large volume and large pressure explosion centrifugal fan is adopted. The material is resin.

Blowback Fan

The fan is used with blowback bag filter. Large volume explosion centrifugal fan is adopted. Corrosion resistance and good sealing.


Exhaust Fan with Titanium Alloy Blade

The conveying medium is flue gas with chlorohydrin, exhaust air by the trichloroethylene rectification, hydrochloric acid, etc.

Successful Cases

London Fan has participated in many chemical projects, such as Shandong Befar group, Jiangnan chemical industry, Anon Technology, Jiangsu Novosil, etc. We have provided a full range of tunnel fans with good performance, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Special Fan Used in Chemical Industry

  • Volume:300 Nm³/h
  • Total Pressure:10000 Pa
  • Fan Type:HD61B R0-4KW/2P
  • Special Requirement: conveying medium is trichloroethylene rectification flue gas, which the concentration is 42030 mg/m³.
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