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The main process of bricks industry includes materials sorting, batching, pulping, spraying, molding, drying, etc. The fans are almost used in the whole process of brick manufacturing. Pneumatic Conveying fan is used for materials smashing and conveying. Combustion fan, smoke exhaust & dust removal fan and circulation fan are used in the burning process in the bricks kiln. Cooling fan is used at the drying process.

High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

The fan is working for pneumatic conveying and combustion, either work with pneumatic conveying device to promote the conveying of materials by blowing air into the equipment, or provide combustion air to the furnace to increase the kiln temperature and improve the furnace efficiency.


Smoke Exhaust & Dust Removal Fan

The fan is working with brick kiln supporting system. The choice and use of the fan directly affect the operation of the brick kiln, the quality and the output of the product, and the energy saving effective of the factory. Large volume centrifugal fan is generally using type, high temperature structure

Circulating Fan

In the process of burning, a circulating fan is used to keep the temperature constant at a certain point in the kiln. Centrifugal fan with high temperature resistant structure is generally used , high efficiency, stable operation.


Cooling Fan

In the process of drying, large volume centrifugal fan is used for cooling the bricks which are high temperature from brick kiln.

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London Fan provides specific fans used on bricks industry for many projects China and overseas. The fans perform well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

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