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Industrial boiler is an important thermal power equipment. It divided into coal fired boiler, oil fired boiler and natural gas boiler, atomic boiler, waste heat boiler and so on according to the different type of fuel and the resource of energy. In order to achieve stable ignition and complete combustion, the boiler always used with the burners.

Power Station Blower Fan

It is used to provide air for the combustion in the boiler, so as to air drying and coal powder transportation. Centrifugal fan is always used type


Power Station Induced Draft Fan

It is used to extract the flue gas out from boiler, and maintain the boiler with negative pressure. The flue gas enters the induced draft fan after the electrical dust removal, and goes into the desulfurization system or directly discharged to the chimney by the induced draft fan. Large volume centrifugal fan is always used type.

Monoblock Burner Fan

Customized outline can be provided as request. Horizontal installation, direct driven, suits for the monoblock burner and pre-aerated burner.


Duoblock Burner Fan

B3 horizontal installation, direct driven, suits for large low nitrogen burners, industrial furnaces.

Pre-Aerated Burner Fan

It is taking the pre-aerated combustion technology, which the fuel gas and air are suctioned and stirred by the fan, and completely mixed before entering the combustion head, making the combustion more sufficient.


Post-Aerated Burner Fan

It is taking the FGR technology, which the low temperature flue gas at the inlet side of the burner was suctioned into the fan and mixed with the air, and adjusted at the outlet side of the fan and then to the furnace to increase the flue gas velocity and reduce the inner furnace temperature to reduce the formation of NOx to control the flue gas circulation rate.

Successful Cases

Modern boiler and burner is required to reduce nitrogen oxide emission by controlling the oxygen coefficient, so the requirement of the accuracy of the fan air volume and pressure is much more strict. Our fan is widely used in Italy EBICO Burner, Beijing District Heating, TEDA Heating, Tangshan Heat Power, Harbin Heating, Taiyuan Heating, Xinjiang Heating, Zhengzhou Heating, etc many projects.

Specification of typical cases

Boiler Fan Used in One Heating Project

  • Volume:45500Nm³/h
  • Static Pressure:9000Pa
  • Fan Type:MBF-1550A-185Kw/4P
  • c1

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