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Fans are widely used in automotive industry, which almost involved in all process of automotive production. The main role of the fan includes ventilation, drying, moisture removal, dust removal and fog removal. According to the automotive production process, fans are mainly divided into coating fan, welding fan and casting fan.

Coating Process Fan

It is designed as a partial ventilation system for the automotive painting workshop in order to improve the air quality. Centrifugal fans with no volute or swing out structure can be provided. The impeller should be chemical corrosion resistance and treated with rust prevention.


Welding Process Fan

It mainly includes welding dust removal fan and production mist removal fan. The function is removing the dust and mist from the welding and production process and purifies air in welding workshop.

Casting Process Fan

It is used to exhaust gas emission and filter during the casting process. The fan generally designs with high temperature resistant structure for the special working condition.


Successful Cases

London Fan provides automotive industry fans both locally and abroad, which includes Volkswagen, FAW, Guangzhou Honda, Nissan, Wuhan Renault Auto, Changshu Range Land Rovers, Huachen BMW, Chang’an Automotive, Beijing Hyundai, Infiniti, Chongqing Chang’an Ford, Baotou 202 Factory, Baotou North Benz, SGMW Indonesia coating workshop, etc. The fans provide by our company performs well in each project, which makes us acclaimed by our customers.

Specification of typical cases

Fan Used in One Automotive Workshop

  • Volume:15000 m³/h
  • Pressure:1000 Pa
  • Fan type:BCS630LK-7.5Kw/4P
  • c1

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