Artificial Snow & Fog

Artificial Snow & Fog

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Artificial snow making is a process of making snowflakes by mixing water and air under suitable conditions, which is taking the principle of snowflakes falling. The process is achieved by snowmaking machines. Artificial fog making is a process in which using the special fog making machine to transport the water after precision filtration to the special high-pressure pipe and then achieve the fog making. We provide professional fans using for snow and fog making, which are mainly used in snow making machine, chemical plant, city streets, construction site, mine, coal yard, steel mill, stone factory, etc.

Special Axial Fan Used in Snow Making Machine

High pressure and power axial fan is used to make the remote space of snow further and cover area larger. The fan housing and blade should be made of special materials to prevent freezing.


Remote Shoot Sprayer Blower

Mainly divided into vehicle-mounted type and fixed type. The shooter range is generally 40 - 120 meters. The blower divided into ordinary type and explosion proof type.

Successful Cases

In recent years, London Fan participated in many big projects, such as Caofeidian Ore Terminal Project, Xinjiang Bayi Steel Project, State Grid Feixian Transfer Point Project, Hulun Buir Shenhua Clean Coal Transfer Point project, State Grid Jilin Thermal Power Plant project, Huadian Ningxia Wuling Power Generation Project, Baotou Steel Project, Daban Power Plant, which are widely praised by customers.

Specification of typical cases

Fixed type remote shoot sprayer blower used in 1.4 million tons/year carbonization chamber 6.25 meters stamp-charging coke boiler project

  • Shooter range: 60 meters
  • Fan type: BS-WP60
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